About us

Multifruct Kft. was founded in 1997 in Hungary. Our company serves customers domestically and abroad, with the aim  to provide top solutions for food manufacturers, cosmetics and chemical manufacturers.

Our core business has grown from the exclusive distribution of flavours and fragrances from the following manufacturers:

  • Carotex Flavours & Fragrances,
  • BELL Flavours & Fragrances,
  • Destilla – The Essence of Nature.

In addition to the distribution of flavours and fragrances, we provide a wide range of raw materials for the manufacturers, ranging from food colourings, botanical extracts, vitamin mix to fruit juice concentrates.

Our attention to detail and direct contact with our customers and partners have allowed organic growth in our protfolio whilst also keeping up-to-date with the latest market trends to satisfy the various needs our customers and partners. We support our customers and partners from the first steps in the concept ot he last step of having the final product on the shelves.

We take full ownership of food safety and quality management through our highly experienced team to ensure we are ready to carry out even the most diverse ideas in our perfectly equipped lab.